Host Families

  1. Why City Stay?
  2. Application Requirements
  3. Host Family Experience
  4. Information for Applicants


Why City Stay?

City Stay offers families who identify as part of an immigrant community the opportunity to:

  • Share their culture with an eager, motivated participant
  • Build a meaningful relationship with a person from another culture
  • Make new relationships with other families within their own community
  • Earn a financial stipend in exchange for the housing, food, and care they provide for the participant
  • Learn more about another culture and see their own culture through new eyes
  • Be a part of increased intercultural understanding among the communities in the Twin Cities.

Application Requirements

City Stay is seeking families who identify as part of an immigrant community who:

  • Are willing to host a high school student, college student, or adult professional in their home for one week of summer
  • Are willing to share their culture and language
  • Have space to host a student in his/her own bed or mattress
  • Are patient and good-natured about differences in cultures.

City Stay invites all community members that fit these qualifications to apply as a host. Historically, we have worked with Hmong, Somali and Latino families. Applicants must be at least 25 years old.

Host Family Experience

Host families’ living rooms and kitchens are arguably the most important classrooms at City Stay. By opening up your home to an eager participant, you immerse the student in your language and culture. As you live your daily life, you educate your guest participant. Without your hospitality, City Stay cannot fulfill its mission to provide experiential education that breaks down barriers and sparks unlikely connections between the diverse cultural communities of the Twin Cities.

Participants will be involved in City Stay classes and activities on the weekdays, but will be free to engage with your family on nights and the weekend. Families will be expected to integrate participants into their daily routine. This could mean cooking or eating meals together, cleaning or shopping together, or attending family gatherings or community events. Each family will receive a stipend to cover food and boarding costs. In exchange, we expect families to provide three meals a day for the participant and to provide transportation when and if possible. At the start of the program, participants and families will sign a collaborative agreement about expectations and activities.

Participants may or may not have experience speaking your native language. However, we do our best to match families with participants who show similar interests. We also provide an orientation that prepares students to behave respectfully in a new home. Host families work closely with a City Stay advisor who will respond to any concerns. We hope that City Stay hosts will build rewarding and long-lasting relationships with their participants.

Information for Applicants

Click here to apply online now. City Stay accepts host families on a rolling basis, and there is no deadline. We hope that you will participate by hosting a neighbor of a different culture. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Programming Andrea Breen at or at 651.238.7736. We are happy to discuss City Stay with you and provide you with testimony of those who have enjoyed other homestay experiences.